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Setl City to Plant About 4,000 Trees, Bushes in Sunny City Neighborhood Park

2018 may 11

Setl City (a part of Setl Group) will soon proceed to planting about four thousand trees and bushes in the park near the Sunny City neighborhood, which the company is setting up at its own expense. Among them are black cherry, willow, chestnut tree, maple, lime tree, rowan, apple tree, spruce, larch, pine, light and purple barberry, hawthorn, arrow-wood, cotoneaster, spray rose, and white, blue-violet, and pink lilac. The recreation park of 50,000 square meters will not be second to the Vasileostrovsky, Stroganovsky, or Vyazemsky Gardens in terms of size. According to the unique design, the park’s inner space will be divided into various thematic areas. A paved square with a monument will be set up, with race tracks provided along the perimeter. Flowing lines of foot walks will form a cozy inner space consisting of several green fields with quick hedges and mini hills. Setl City will provide bright children’s playgrounds with safe covering in the park. There will be a sports area – a soccer pitch with stands and a volleyball/basketball ground. The construction is already underway; in particular the foundations for the square and pitch are being built. The completion is scheduled for Quarter 3 of 2018. The exclusive broker of the Sunny City project is Petersburg Real Estate.

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