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Setl City to Reconstruct Chopin’s Mansion in Vasilievsky Island

2018 august 23

Setl City (part of Setl Group) has proceeded to reconstructing Chopin’s mansion in 25th Line of Vasilievsky Island. The building is within the limits of the construction site of the business class Palazio residential estate. Setl City restores, at its own expense, the mansion's facades lost due to the building demolition by previous owners of the plot. The mansion (former office with the top manager’s apartment) belonged to the set of industrial buildings of the F. Chopin Iron and Bronze Foundry in 1856-1859. The foundry made various metal articles, in particular to orders by the Imperial Court. For instance, it was here that, in the middle of the 19th century, monumental doors for St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, and Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, lighting fixtures and interior bronze for the Grand Kremlin Palace, crystal pendant lights, clocks, and chandeliers for the Marble Palace and many other things were manufactured. The Chopin’s mansion reconstruction design for Setl City was developed by the well-known Reinberg and Sharov architectural studio. The mansion is a multiple-height building, three to four storeys by different facades, with decorative elements and stucco moldings on windows. Currently, the construction is going on at the third storey level. Setl City expects to complete the erection of the building’s frame in two months. The scheduled deadline for all construction and finishing work is Quarter 3 of 2019. It is intended to adapt the building for an office center later on. Apart from Chopin’s mansion, the two-storey red-brick facades of the foundry’s two buildings; they will become part of the buildings arranged along 25th Line. To form these facades, essential elements and details of the historic prototype will be used (wall material, cornices, pedestal, and door and window casings). Thus, they will remind the historic ones to the maximum. It should be noted that, as part of the Palazio project, Setl City will preserve, restore and reconstruct two objects of cultural heritage apart from Chopin’s mansion. First, the building of the rope workshop of the Red Nailmaker factory with a water tower built to the design of well-known Soviet architect Yakov Chernikhov will be adapted to today’s uses. The facility, a spectacular example of Constructivist architecture, went to Setl City in dangerous disrepair. Currently, the company is developing a reconstruction design, which will then have to be approved by KGIOP (Committee for Governmental Control, Use, and Protection of Historic and Cultural Landmarks). The other object of cultural heritage, the main office of the Steel Rolling Mill, will also be reconstructed and adapted to today’s functions of an office building. Setl City is developing the design documentation for the reconstruction. Palazio RE is being constructed in a prestigious district of the city, with a developed transport infrastructure. Vasileostrovskaya and Primorskaya subway stations are within 15 minutes’ walk, and it will take two minutes to walk to the new station under construction, whose vestibule will be in Bolshoi Prospekt of Vasilievsky Island. Currently, Setl City is proceeding to final finishing in the first stage houses. The sections are already erected up to the roof mark, wall and floor concreting is finished, and the façade work is continuing. The inner grounds of the residential estate will be subdivided into six private yards with separate access for residents of each section. All the buildings have their individual color and decorations — cornices, wrought iron lattices, and balustrades. Unique view apartments with terraces and panoramic windows are brought on the market. The scheduled deadline of the first stage commissioning is December. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the project.

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