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Setl Group Building a New School in Kudrovo

2019 june 18

The construction of a school for 1100 children has started in the London quarter in Kudrovo. The Setl Group holding company will erect at its own expense a modern building next to the houses at 3 Angliyskaya Street. It is expected that the construction will be completed in Q3 2021.

The new four-storey school will accommodate 44 grades simultaneously, both junior and senior. In addition to the classrooms and computer rooms, Setl Group has provided woodworking and metalworking shops for boys and rooms for the study of cooking and housekeeping and a textile studio for girls. Comfortable gyms, a large one, 30 by 18 meters, and a smaller one, 24 by 12 meters, can be used for warming up and for such team games as basketball and volleyball.

550 kids can have dinner in the spacious dining room simultaneously. The assembly hall with a stage has almost the same number of seats, ten of them, in the first row, having been designed for people with disabilities. The assembly hall will be used to hold lectures and events with celebrities and to show educational films. And next to it, there will be dressing rooms and storerooms for costumes, props and musical instruments.

Setl Group will create a comfortable environment for low-mobility groups of students at the school. This includes two modern passenger elevators, a ramp at the entrance, and special spots in the dining area. Toilets will be equipped with handrails.

A large sports area will appear in the school yard: a soccer field with artificial grass, volleyball and basketball courts, six running tracks, long-jump areas, as well as playgrounds for games and recreation. I.e., all that is necessary for children to go in for sports in the open air and set their first records.

Besides the school, two kindergartens for 160 and 190 kids are already being built in the London quarter of the Seven Capitals residential estate in Kudrovo. The first is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of this year and the second in Q1 2020.

Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Seven Capitals project.

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