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Setl Group Builds a New Section of Komendantsky Avenue

2019 july 11

Setl Group has built a modern six-lane highway with traffic lights, markings, signs and bicycle paths in Primorsky District. Road traffic has already begun on the new section of Komendantsky Avenue from Glukharskaya Street to the Kamenka River. All construction work was done and the design and detailed documentation was prepared by the Setl Group holding company.

The new 900 meters long road is a six-lane highway, the number of lanes increasing to eight in some places. It already has all the necessary traffic signs, traffic lights and modern lanterns, and the marking has been applied to the asphalt. Neat footpaths are separated from the roadway with fences and green lawns. And cyclists can now use a special lane on Komendantsky Avenue.

For the safety of local residents, exits from the avenue and entrances to the courtyards have speed bumps. Besides, Setl Group has taken care of the public transport stops – they are made of glass, are of neutral colors and perfectly match the houses of the Clear Sky comfort-class residential area.

The construction of the continuation of Komendantsky avenue is only a part of the large-scale roadwork being done by the Setl Group holding company. The company has already built many roads and highways inside the estate as part of its Clear Sky project. In May this year, Setl Group began the construction of the continuation of Plesetskaya Street to the west of Komendantsky Avenue. The road will be laid to the intersection with Verkhne-Kamenskaya Street near the 6th stage of the residential estate.

The new section of Plesetskaya Street is a two-lane road 200 meters long road with a draw-in and parking spaces. The developer will arrange footpaths and install the necessary traffic signs. The construction of the section of Plesetskaya Street is expected to be completed in November this year.

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