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Setl Group Builds a School with Two Swimming Pools in Krasnogvardeysky District

2019 june 28

The Setl Group holding company has built a modern comprehensive school for 450 pupils in Krasnogvardeysky District, in the courtyard of the ZimaLeto residential estate. In the new building, two swimming pools, classrooms and creative work rooms are ready for students, and in the courtyard there is a large sports area with a soccer field. The first bell is expected to ring in the new building on September 1.

The school at 9, k. 5 Energetikov Avenue will become a branch of the State Federal-funded General Educational Institution No. 491 with in-depth study of mathematics. It will be attended by 450 children – students of both the junior and senior school. The four-storey building is decorated in pleasant beige tones with bright orange and green accents on the façades. The interior space of the school, which is over 14,600 square meters in area, is skillfully divided into several functional areas. This includes a teaching block, a sports unit and rooms for special events. People with disabilities can move between the floors on two elevators with the carrying capacities of 1000 and 400 kg.

The up-to-date building has two swimming pools, a training pool and a wellness pool, 25 by 8.5 meters and 10 by 6 meters in size. A gym has been completely equipped. It has basketball backboards, climbing ropes and wall-bars.

On the first floors of the school there are woodworking and metalworking shops, and a textile and cooking studio. Setl Group has purchased machines for the workshops, including a drilling machine, a woodworking machine, a milling machine, a turning machine with a computer system, a cutter-grinding machine with a grinding wheel, a laser engraver’s tool and locksmith's and joiner’s benches.

The spacious assembly hall can simultaneously accommodate 330 persons. The hall also has special seats for groups of students with limited mobility. The rooms adjoining the hall will be used for storing costumes and stage scenery. Now the school has a library with a comfortable reading room and a book depository, as well as a bright and cozy dining room, where one can have lunch and rest comfortably. A dishwasher, stoves, refrigerators and a baking oven have already been installed in the dining room and in the kitchen. Besides the usual doctor’s office, a dentist’s office will be opened at the school, for which Setl Group has provided for dental equipment.

In the courtyard, the developer has created a large sports area. It includes a volleyball and basketball court, an artificial turf soccer field, two athletics sectors, a circular jogging path and a 100 m jogging track, and a long jump ground. A separate playing area has been arranged for primary grades.

The administration of Krasnogvardeysky District plans to open the school on September 1. On the same day, the opening of a kindergarten built next door is expected. The kindergarten will be a branch of the state pre-school educational institution No. 3 of Krasnogvardeysky District. It will accommodate 190 kids.

Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the ZimaLeto project.


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