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Setl Group Built Stage 6 of Sunny City RE

2019 july 25

The Setl Group holding commissioned the sixth stage of the Sunny City comfort class residential estate. The buyers of its apartments will live in a well-designed block with already opened kindergartens, an own school, and a green park set up specially for the residential estate.

The constructed houses are in the north-east of the mid-rise Sunny City neighborhood; they stand out against the background of the previous stages with the bright red and orange color of some façade components. The houses at 173 Prospekt Veteranov, Bldg. 7, and 175 Prospekt Veteranov, Bldg. 4 offer apartments fitting every taste, from studios to three-bedroom ones. The buyers will receive them with full fine finishing to Setl Group standards, including wear-resistant laminate, texture wallpaper for painting, tiled walls and floors of bathrooms, the full set of bathroom fixtures, interior doors, and a metal entrance door.

The 12-storey buildings form cozy and landscaped inner yards completely fenced off to traffic and safe for promenade. Convenient underground parking lots are arranged under the buildings.

Each house has its own colorful playground with swings, climbing facilities, play structures, spring riders, and outdoor toy boxes. Enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle will enjoy sports areas near each building, with outdoor fitness machines and a tennis table. The residents can rest after workout on benches nearby.

In summer, there will be lots of green in the inner yards, because Setl Group has planted over 4,500 trees and bushes, among which are limes, dogwood, and lilac. Lilac bushes excellently fit urban conditions, as their leaves actively absorb carbon dioxide gas.

Close to the delivered houses, general education school No. 385 for 1375 pupils with two swimming pools and kindergarten No. 94 for 220 children with a swimming pool are already functioning. Also, the construction of a third kindergarten in the residential estate is in progress nearby. The up-to-date kindergarten with a swimming pool is designed for 220 kids; it is scheduled for commissioning by the end of this year. The zest of the project will be unusual recessed balconies adjoining the building and evolving into playgrounds.

In all, complete with the new buildings, nine residential houses were commissioned under the Sunny City comfort class project. In some of them, commercial spaces are provided where the first food supermarkets, a perfume and cosmetic outlet, pharmacies, and cafes have already been opened.

The Sunny City residents can meet with friends and walk with children in comfortable and up-to-date recreation areas and on playgrounds near each of the buildings. Besides, Setl Group set up and landscaped a recreation park for 50,000 sq. m specially for the estate, with promenade walkways and various theme areas, in particular a playground and a sports ground.

Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of Setl Group projects.

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