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Setl Group Commissions over 580,000 Square Meters in 2014

2015 january 15

Late in December 2014 Setl City (a company of Setl Group) was given the permission to commission house No. 10 in the Vienna estate in Kudrovo, where the company is building the Seven Capitals residential area. The house, 22,000 sq. m in total area, has enabled Setl Group to set a new record in commissioning volumes, which reached 582,000 square meters in 2014. This is twice more than in 2013.

House No. 10 contains 563 apartments, 99% of which have been sold. Commercial spaces 1,200 sq. m in total area are situated on the ground floors of some of the sections, and they have already found their buyers. Investment in the project has amounted to about 1.4 billion roubles.

It is to be recalled that, all in all, 15 houses about 270,000 sq. m in total area have been commissioned since the moment the implementation of the Seven Capitals project started. The construction of the Vienna estate is to be completed as early as this year, while the entire Seven Capitals residential area is to be completed by the Company in 2018. 

Summing up, it can be noted that in 2014 companies of Setl Group commissioned more than 580,000 sq. m of residential, commercial and social real estate in the territory of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Kaliningrad, and Kaliningrad Region. The company’s plans for 2015 include completing the construction of sites about 500,000 sq. m in total area.

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