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Setl Group Completes Emergency Work in Vege’s Mansion

2019 july 12

The Setl Group holding company has completed the priority and emergency work in G.I. Vege’s mansion at 38, Oktyabrskaya Embankment. Temporary roofing has appeared in the building to protect it from rain and wind, while the balconies and the canopy have been reinforced with bar support structures. The restorers have also covered the gypsum caryatids with special protective boxes.

Emergency work started with clearing the blockage of the collapsed structures and removing weeds from the brickwork. The roofing was repaired, and in some areas a temporary covering with profiled sheets was made. Window openings were walled up. Specialists took care of preserving the stucco moulding on the ceilings – supporting structures with a soft foam rubber layer were installed inside the mansion. The wooden architectural elements inside the building were treated to protect them against fire.

Vege’s mansion is a building erected in the late 19th century in the style of eclecticism on the site of the former Kinovievsky Ultramarine Factory that belonged to industrialist Georgy Vege. At the moment, the mansion is situated within the boundaries of the construction area of the Pulse on the Embankment comfort-class residential estate.

Setl Group took over the building from its previous owner, when it was almost destroyed. For many years, no efforts had been exerted in the mansion to preserve the monument. Thus, the experts came to the conclusion that the floors and ceilings on wooden beams, the roof frame and the roofing, the balconies on the front façade, the flooring on different storeys, and the door and window openings were in disrepair.

Now, the completed emergency and anti-wreck operations have ensured the protection of the mansion from adverse weather conditions, and the invaluable sculptural elements of the décor are safely covered and await restoration. The project for the restoration and adaptation of the mansion for modern use, developed to the order of Setl Group, has already been sent for approval to KGIOP (the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments), after which the documentation will have to pass an examination of the government expert review panel.

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