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Setl Group Delivering MoreOkean Residential Estate 8 Months Ahead of Schedule

2019 may 07

Setl Group commissioned MoreOkean, a high comfort class residential estate in Primorsky District of St. Petersburg, with a record delivery time advance: the second building was delivered 8 months earlier. The project comprises two 25-storey building of an aggregate floor space of about 54,000 sq. m, two integrated–attached kindergartens for a total of 120 children, and two underground parking lots of 5,800 sq. m. The design of the MoreOkean residential estate features a unique architectural concept, with stained-glass glazing mounted on the facades, resembling a glittering water surface. The glasses were made with a mirror effect and display various shades of blue and grey. Depending on the weather and lighting, the façade will be changing, taking warm or cold hues. Setl Group has provided everything needed for comfortable life in the new residential estate erected in modern and actively developing Primorsky District. The ground floor of the delivered buildings will soon be occupied by corner stores and cafes; the total area of the designed business spaces whose facades face the vibrant Yakhtennaya Street is 4,400 sq. m. Each building’s yard contains a picturesque children’s playground with swings, a carousel, sand pits, basketball hoops, a grown-ups’ recreation area, and a wooden pergola. The sports areas have fitness equipment and tennis tables. Each building has its own two-storey integrated–attached kindergarten able to host 60 kids. The kindergartens will be delivered to the St. Petersburg Administration in summer, their opening being scheduled for the late August. They will have three groups each, for children of 3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 7 years old. The developer designed playrooms, dorms, lunch rooms, and music and physical training rooms. The ground floor playrooms have heated floors. Provided on the ground adjacent to each kindergarten are three playgrounds for younger, middle, and over-five children, and sports areas. It will be recalled that MoreOkean, a high comfort class residential estate, is at the corner of Yakhtennaya and Optikov Street and Bogatyrsky Prospekt, just a ten-minute drive to three subway stations at once, Begovaya, Komendantsky Prospekt, and Staraya Derevnya. The neighborhood has a lot of selling and service spots, among them an Okay food hypermarket, and stores of the Pyaterochka, Magnit, and Spar networks. Close to the estate are several kindergartens and schools, and a My Documents municipal services office. Just 500 meters away from the estate, close to the corner of Kamyshovay and Yakhtennaya Street, a unique urban eco park will be arranged, 75 hectares in area, subdivided into an urban forest and a park zone. The forest zone will retain the natural landscape will be retained to the maximum, and the park zone will be provided with everything necessary for recreation and promenade, in particular playgrounds, sports areas, viewing points, and descents top water bodies. According to the district administration, nearly 6,000 trees will be planted: maples, willows, pines, larches, and spruces. It is intended to complete the first stage of construction in 2020. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the MoreOkean project.

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