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Setl Group Funds the Designing of Hostels for the Boris Eifman Dance Theater and Ballet Academy

2019 february 25

Besides, the holding company has also ordered the survey operations. The design is carried out by Project Culture LLC. The building at 7, letter A, Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street will house a hostel of the St. Petersburg state budgetary culture institution Boris Eifman Academic Theater, and the one at 9, letter A, Bolshaya Pushkarskaya will house a hostel for students of the St. Petersburg state budgetary vocational educational institution Boris Eifman Dance Academy. Currently, designing is under way at both addresses. The apartment-type hostel at 7, Bolshaya Pushkarskaya is intended for theater artists. On the first floor of the seven-storey building 9,430.5 square meters in total area, a rehearsal room will appear with dressing rooms, fitness and recreation facilities, as well as rooms for administrative, housekeeping and household needs. The floors from the second to the seventh will accommodate 93 residential units for 186 persons. At the moment, on the site of the future hotel-type hostel there is a ramshackle house from which residents have been resettled. The draft design provides for the reconstruction of the front façade of the building in Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street. At the site of the future hostel for young students of the Academy, a two-storey building is currently located, which was used as a kindergarten in the Soviet times. In September 2018, the kids and the kindergarten staff moved to new, up-to-date equipped premises on Aptekarskaya Embankment, which had been built as part of a business-class housing estate. According to the project, the dormitory building for the students will be located in the “lacuna” formed at the intersection of Lizy Chaikinoy and Bolshaya Pushkarskaya streets in the Soviet period. All tall trees will be preserved. The gallery building with residential units will be placed with a set-back from Lizy Chaikinoy street. Besides, such a location on the construction site will preserve the “memory of the place” and the environment “rarefaction” effect. The building 2436 sq. m in area will house 61 residential units for 244 persons, and the total area of the hostel will be 9265.6 sq. m. The block of rehearsal halls (there will be two of them plus necessary household, administrative and housekeeping premises) will be aligned with Bolshaya Pushkarskaya street, closing the massive blank wall of the neighboring historical building. The façades of the hostel will be decorated according to the color gamut and in the style of the architectural environment. Facing the building with light beige and brick red clinker bricks will luckily blend it in the architectural environment of the historic streets. The free pattern of the façades with window openings and piers of various sizes reflects the planning structure of the building. The scale and proportions of the details match the historical environment. Both projects that have been prepared by Project Culture LLC provide for parking and landscaping according to the standards of the Land Use and Development Rules. The issue of the construction of both buildings is under the jurisdiction of the St. Petersburg Committee for Construction.

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