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Setl Group Installs Equipment in New Kindergartens of the GreenLandiya Housing Estate

2019 march 21

The Setl Group holding company has started equipping two integrated kindergartens in the comfort-class GreenLandiya housing estate near the Devyatkino metro station. The educational institutions are designed for a total of 200 children and are located in the buildings at the following addresses: 8 and 12/2, Grafskaya Street. The kindergartens are expected to be opened at the end of May this year. The kindergartens were built by Setl Group as part of the Social Facilities in Exchange for Taxes program, and at the moment work is under way to hand over the kindergartens for free use to Murinsky DSKV (Combined-type Kindergarten) No. 4. Setl Group will completely provide the kindergartens with all the necessary equipment: from playing facilities to musical and sports rooms. Thus, stoves and refrigerators, dining tables and cupboards will be installed in the kitchens and dining rooms. The kindergartens will receive wardrobes, washing and drying machines, ironing boards, cots for bedrooms, cabinets for toys, stationery desks, student boards and computers. The music rooms will be equipped with pianos and music systems. For gyms, the holding company will purchase wall-bars, a treadmill and a children's exercise bike. Setl Group has already landscaped recreational, fitness and playing grounds with canopies in the area in front of the kindergartens. Bright children's benches and sandboxes, outdoor playsets for kids, and swings with springs have been installed in the playing areas. Setl Group’s plans provide for completing the equipping operations by April this year and handing over the sites to the municipality by the end of May. The kindergartens are expected to be opened for kids at the end of May. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the GreenLandiya project.

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