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Setl Group is at the Top of Delovoy Petersburg Newspaper’s Rating in Four Nominations

2017 september 28

According to the construction market players' rating compiled by Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, the Setl Group holding company is the best in four nominations. These are The Leaders of the Developer Reliability Market (Setl City), The Best Integrated Development Project (Planetograd), and The Best Brokerage Agency in the Housing Construction Market (Petersburg Real Estate). Maxim Shubarev, Chairman of the Setl Group holding company’s Board of Directors has been recognized as the developer of the year. For five years, under the leadership of Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group has increased its revenue 10 times, and by the end of 2016 it left all competitors behind by residential real estate commissioning not only in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, but in Russia on the whole, having commissioned almost 1 million square meters of housing under construction. This year Setl Group has entered the Moscow market. The competent jury, which included the major developers of St. Petersburg, chose Setl City both as the largest and the most reliable developer in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, having assigned to it the highest AAA rating. Planetograd RE being built by the company in Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg has been deservedly recognized as the best integrated development project. This is a low-rise residential estate, just four storeys with an attic, being built not far from Pulkovskoye highway, in the quietest and greenest part of the district. The estate designed in the style of outer space will consist of eight “planet" lots around the Sun square. Planetograd will have all facilities required for a really comfortable life, such as schools, kindergartens, medical centers, shops, cafes, etc. At the moment, houses are being built in the Zemlya ("Earth") estate. The first buildings will be commissioned as early as late in 2018. According to Delovoy Petersburg, Petersburg Real Estate is the best brokerage agency. The company occupies 30% of the newly built real estate market and is a recognized leader by the volume of transactions both in the North-West and in Russia as a whole. Petersburg Real Estate has been operating in the market for 23 years. Almost 240,000 families have become its customers for that time. To date, it is via Petersburg Real Estate that every third buyer buys an apartment.

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