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Setl Group Leads in Current Housing Construction in St. Petersburg

2019 march 05

The Setl Group holding company left behind all competitors and in March 2019 became the leader in the current construction in St. Petersburg. The rating has been published on the official website of the Unified Register of Developers. According to the Unified Register of Developers, at the moment Setl Group is building more than 3 million square meters of real estate in the Northern Capital. This makes about 20.46% of the total volume of current construction in St. Petersburg. Setl Group is erecting 19 real estates – various projects from the comfort class to the premium segment in the very center of the city on the Neva. Recently, two new projects in the business and premium segments have been added to Setl Group’s portfolio. One of them is the premium-class house “The ONE” on Petrovsky Island on the bank of the Malaya Neva. This is an eight-storey house with a closed curtilage and an underground car-park. On the upper floors, there are apartments with terraces and a unique view of the Malaya Neva and the cable-stayed bridge across the Petrovsky fairway. Besides, a Setl Group’s project in Vyborg District, the business-class Svetlana Park house in Manchesterskaya Street, has been launched this year. It is being built in the environment of two parks: Udelny and Sosnovka. The total green area surrounding the Svetlana Park is about 500 hectares. The house consists of two 10-storey buildings designed in the classic form of a square, with completely car-free courtyards. Under the buildings, there will be an underground car-park for 711 cars with elevators to each front door. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of Setl Group’s projects.

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