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Setl Group Projects Heading TOP 10 of Petersburg’s Most Popular New Builds

2019 august 05

Clear Sky and Sunny City, comfort class residential estates by Setl Group, became the most popular projects with Petersburg’s buyers in the 2nd quarter of 2019. The Novostroy-SPb portal presents this data based on the official information of the RosReestr on the number of contracts signed.

In all, six Setl Group projects are on the TOP 10 of the city’s new builds. Among them are new residential estates of high comfort class that came into the market in 2018: Pulse on the Quay and Swifts in Nevsky in Nevsky District, ArtLine in Primorsky in the district of the same name, and Status at Victory Park in Moskovsky District. Each one has unique advantages. For instance, the first two projects’ features are proximity to the Neva and excellent views. ArtLine in Primorsky is a residential estate with a public art space, with a rope course for kids and a large workout area. Status is being erected in the prestigious Moskovsky District, near the SKK arena and within walking distance from the Victory Park. A large sports area is provided on the estate, with a stadium and an outdoor sports ground.

As in Quarter 1, the city’s TOP 10 is headed by the Clear Sky RE with 2347 transactions; it leads the pace way ahead of the competitors. The large-scale project is being erected in the city’s Primorsky District; it offers skillfully planned blocks and cozy green inner yards with fitted-out playgrounds and sports grounds. Provided in the residential estate are comfortable underground parking lots, and commercial spaces on the houses' ground floors; in some of them, food supermarkets, cafes, and bakeries have already been opened.

As of this day, eight residential houses have been commissioned in the Clear Sky project, and two kindergartens. The first one, for 190 kids, is already in operation, and the second one, for 190 kids, with a swimming pool, is to be opened this autumn. Setl Group is now building a third kindergarten for 220 children with a swimming pool and a general education school with two swimming pools for 1100 pupils. The delivery deadline for the school is the first quarter of 2021, but the developer intends to commission the project ahead of time, by the end of 2019.

The holding also provides the project with neighborhood roads and city-wide thoroughfares. This July, the construction of the portion of Komendantsky Prospekt from Glukharskaya Street to the Kamenks River was completed. The new route, 900 meters long, is a six-lane highway, locally enlarged to eight lanes. It already has all necessary traffic signs and lights, up-to-date streetlights, and zebra marking is applied to the pavement. The neat foot walks are separated from the traffic way with fencing and green lawns. And cyclists can now ride down Komendantsky on a special lane allocated for them.

Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of Setl Group projects.

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