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Setl Group Started Building a Shopping Center in Sunny City RE

2019 may 13

The Setl Group holding proceeded to construct a shopping center with an underground parking lot and a surface parking space in the Sunny City residential estate, Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. The building’s total space will be over 11,000 sq. m. It is intended to complete the construction in Quarter 1, 2021. The four-storey building will be styled in common with the residential estate. The design provides for up-to-date ventilated facades, and the atria will have stained glass floor-to-ceiling glazing. An elevator will be provided to move between the basement floor and the shopping center spaces. The shopping center is being erected on a plot near a large highway, the future extension of Prospekt Veteranov, which the city government intends to finish and open as soon as by the end of this year. The estate’s residents will be able to quickly drive up to the SC using the new highway, and with their shopping done, to have a rest in a comfortable recreation park nearby. It will be recalled that Setl Group completed the 50,000 sq. m park in the last year. The design and construction were at the holding’s own expense. According to the unique design, the park’s interior space was subdivided into different theme zones: play zone with colorful playgrounds for children of different ages, sports, promenade, and recreation areas. The equipment of a football pitch with viewing stands, and a volleyball and basketball court have been installed. A dog training ground has been fenced off. Foot walks are built in the park, and various trees and bushes are planted. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Sunny City project.

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