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Setl Group Testing Apartment Interactive Visualization System

2018 may 29

The Setl Group holding is testing a system of interactive visualization of apartments and commercial spaces for its residential complexes (neighborhoods). It is a part of the information modeling technology already applied by Setl Group. With the aid of the new system, the future property owner will assess all details of their new apartment, and develop a unique furnishing design for any room. The V-Ray software product (photorealistic image visualization) developed by Bulgarian company Chaos Group, complete with its engine known as Unreal Engine, will enable future owners to see their apartment with finishing options in a 3D format, from all perspectives, and take a virtual walk around the home under construction. The buyer will also be given an opportunity to develop a furnishing design for any room at their own wish. If the testing is successful, the system will be presented as a 3D neighborhood mockup in the office of Petersburg Real Estate. It should be noted that on May 8-19, an expert team of Setl Group’ information technologies department underwent training at Total Chaos 2018, one of the largest digital conferences worldwide, in Bulgaria. In particular, the conference discussed issues of information modeling and architectural visualization directly related to the V-Ray program solution. The Setl Group employees saw the latest products by Google and Nvidia, the digital industry leaders, and attended master classes by leading specialists in architectural visualization. It will be recalled that the Setl Group holding has already successfully completed an information modeling project for Palazzo, a business class residential complex in Vasilievsky Island. The project was found the best in the BIM-Construction category at the 2nd international BIM Technologies 2017 all-Russian open competition. The information model enables assessing, even at an early stage of construction, the appearance of a residential complex, apartment layouts, and utility lines layout.

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