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Setl Group to Build a New Plesetskaya Street Portion

2019 april 23

This May, the Setl Group holding will proceed to the construction a prolongation of Plesetskaya Street west of Komendantsky Prospekt. The road will be built up to the crossing of Verkhne-Kamenskaya Street near the 6th stage of the Clear Sky residential estate. The developer will fund the construction with its own money. The new portion of Plesetskaya Street is a two-lane road 200 meters long with a bay near the 6th stage of the Clear Sky residential estate and with parking spots. Setl Group will provide footwalks and install necessary road signs. The scheduled time of completion of the construction of the Plesetskaya Street portion is this October. It is to be recalled that under the Clear Sky project, Setl Group has developed design and operating documentation for the construction of several trunk and internal development roads at its own expense. Among them are Plesetskaya Street from Komendantsky Prospekt to Koroleva Prospekt, Koroleva Prospekt from Plesetskaya Street to Glukharskaya Street, and the crossing of Plesetskaya Street and Koroleva Prospekt. The documentation passed State expert review, and was handed over to the sectoral committees of St. Petersburg Government. As of this day, the developer has built, at its own expense, the crossing of Koroleva Prospekt and Plesetskaya Street, a side drive of Plesetskaya Street from Koroleva Prospekt to Komendantsky Prospekt, and partially Koroleva Prospekt from Glukharskaya Street up to Plesetskaya. Currently, the construction of Komendantsky Prospekt’s portion from Glukharskaya Street to the Kamenka is in active progress. The developer prepared the design and operating documentation at its own expense. The new portion of Komendantsky Prospekt is a six-lane road about 900 m long, locally enlarged to eight lanes, with dividers, fencing, lawns, a dedicated bike lane, and walkways. The scheduled work completion time is the second half of 2019. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Clear Sky project.

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