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Setl Group to Build Another 3 Schools and 8 Kindergartens in the Sun City Housing Estate

2019 april 02

In total, 4 schools and 11 kindergartens will operate in the Sun City housing estate in the south-west of St. Petersburg. Two kindergartens and a school built with funds from Setl Group have already admitted the first kids. The construction of another kindergarten by the developer is in full swing, and it will be commissioned in 2019. For the other 3 schools and 8 kindergartens, the Setl Group holding company has signed agreements with the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg. All social objects are designed and built for the developer's funds. Currently, the construction of the comfort-class mid-rise Sun City housing estate is under way to the north of the future continuation of Veteranov Avenue. There, besides seven residential buildings, Setl Group has already commissioned a school for 1,375 children with two swimming pools, and two kindergartens also with swimming pools for 220 kids each. These social institutions that have been designed and built for the holding’s funds are open and admit children. Now the third kindergarten for 220 children is being actively built, also with a swimming pool, and its commissioning is scheduled for Q3 this year. A project of the second school for 1375 kids and the fourth kindergarten for 220 kids has been prepared to the order of the company. The design documentation for the school has already been approved by the state expert organizations, and construction is to start this year. Besides the social facilities that are operating or are under construction, Setl Group will erect another 5 kindergartens (for 220 children each) and 2 schools (for 1375 children each) on the land plots to the north of the continuation of Veteranov Avenue. To the South of Veteranov Avenue, another 3 kindergartens (for 170, 220 and 250 children) and 1 school (for 1375 kids) will be built. A comfort-class housing estate, Sun City, is being built in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg. Bright grounds for children, playing facilities and exercise equipment for sports in the open air have been installed in the courtyards of the houses, and recreation areas have been arranged. Last year, a recreation park 50,000 square meters in area was fully landscaped and opened to visitors with a playing and sports area and comfortable walkways. In residential buildings, the first convenience stores, a perfume store and a pharmacy have already started working. This year, Setl Group is planning to begin the construction of a shopping mall in the project area. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the Sun City housing estate.

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