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St. Petersburg Realty and Setl City Win the KAISSA-2013 Competition

2013 december 13

St. Petersburg Realty has won the first place in the nomination The Best Company in the Market of Housing under Construction, while Setl City has become the winner in the nomination The Company That Has Implemented the Best Development Project with its high-class Riverside residential area. The 19th KAISSA-2013 Interregional Annual Public Real Estate Competition that has already become a tradition has been held in St. Petersburg in fact from the moment the respective market emerged. This year several scores of companies from St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia participated in the competition. It is the fifteenth time that companies of the Setl Group have become prize-winners of the KAISSA Competition, once again proving their right to be called the best in the real estate market of this region. St. Petersburg Realty can be justly called the best in the market of housing under construction. For 11 months of the year 2013 the company sold 525,000 sq. m of housing in the new construction real estate market, and 15,550 transactions with clients were made. In 2013 their number was growing month after month. Thus, for instance, in July St. Petersburg Realty made 1300 transactions in the new construction real estate market, in August their number increased to 1350, in September to 1500, in October to 1650, and in November this year the company broke its own record with the result of 1850 for the month. The company has been in the real estate market since 1994. More than 128,000 families have become clients of St. Petersburg Realty. At the moment, the company is selling apartments in more than 190 new houses built by 40 reputable developers. St. Petersburg Realty is the exclusive broker of Setl City’s sites under construction and the leader in the real estate resale market. It provides the full range of consulting services in the real estate market and is an expert of standing reputation in the construction market. To be closer to its clients, the company has 7 offices in the Northern Capital (St. Petersburg) and representative offices in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, and Kaliningrad. It has won the Consumer’s Trust public competition several times. The high-class Riverside residential area that has been recognized the best by real estate market professionals is being built by Setl City on Ushakovskaya Embankment near the Chyornaya Rechka metro station, in a prestigious place of St. Petersburg. Riverside is an entire residential area with 8 residential buildings with business- and premium-class apartments, an apartment hotel, an office center, a kindergarten and a carport. It is worthy of note that even the first stage of the construction includes a kindergarten with a swimming pool for 140 kids. Integrated commercial spaces will house banks, shops, and restaurants. The entire Riverside area is arranged in such a way as to emphasize the advantages and beauty of that place on the embankment. At the same time, it is planned as a place of silence with isolated space inside the area. The houses on the impromptu peninsula will be situated so as to provide the best possible views from the windows of the buildings. These are the views down the glassy surface of a branch of the Neva river, the green parks and public gardens of Krestovsky and Kamenny Islands, and the city’s famous places of interest. From the top stories of the building one can see the spires of the Peter-and-Paul and St.Isaac's Cathedrals, enjoy the panoramic views of the city against the background of the Admiralty and to see the water surface of the Gulf of Finland. The project is extremely successful; about 30 transactions are made monthly. The Setl City development company has been operating since 1994 and is one of the key players in the construction investment market of the Northwest. The company implements projects in all segments of the market, from standard development and comfort-class housing to business-class offers and premium sites. Setl Сity’s portfolio already includes 75 built residential houses, shopping and hotel sites, as well as big integrated development projects. The total area of the company’s projects at various stages of preparation and implementation exceeds 5.5 MIO sq. m.

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