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Thanks to the GreenLandia project, Murino will have 8 kindergartens and 2 schools more

2018 july 23

Upon completion of GreenLandia-1 and GreenLandia-2 projects of Setl City (part of Setl Group), 8 new built-in kindergartens and 2 general education schools in all will open in Murino. Two kindergartens for 100 and 140 kids at 6 Vorontsovsky Boulevard and 13 Mendeleev Boulevard are already in operation. A school for 1175 students has been commissioned; its opening is scheduled for September 1. Two more kindergartens designed for 100 and 140 children have been commissioned in GreenLandia-1, at 10 Vorontsovsky Boulevard and 11 Petrovsky Boulevard Bldg. 2. Also, two built-in preschool facilities, for 100 children each, have already been delivered in GreenLandia-2 at 8 Grafskaya Street and 12 Grafskaya Street. Setl City will construct two more kindergartens for 100 children each in GreenLandia together with Buildings 2.11 and 2.13; it is intended to commission the residential houses in Quarter 2 of 2019 and Quarter 4 of 2019, respectively. It will be recalled that in GreenLandia-1 residential estate, Setl City at its own expense built and completely outfitted a general education school designed for 1175 students. The school has an assembly hall for 705 seats, and a library with a media center and reading room. The building hosts woodworking and metalworking workshops, and a cookery and housekeeping room. The sports block includes a larger and a smaller gymnasium, and a room for limited mobility students. For schoolchildren’s recreation, psychological relief rooms and activities rooms are provided. Setl City will build still another school in GreenLandia-2 RE at its own expense. Currently, the company is signing a contract with the general designer of the building. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the GreenLandia-1 and GreenLandia-2 projects.

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