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The First Houses in the GREENLandiya Residential Estate are Commissioned

2014 november 20

Setl City (a company of Setl Group) has been given the permission to commission buildings Nos. 1 and 4 over 80,000 sq. m in total area within RE GREENLandiya, which is being built by the company  in Murino, at a 15 minutes’ walking distance from the Devyatkino metro station. The client service department has already started handing over apartments to investors.

In the two houses with varying numbers of storeys, from 13 to 23 (including mechanical floors), there will be 1500 apartments with or without finishing. Less than 4% of all apartments have not been sold yet. Commercial spaces 2,200 sq. m in total area are situated on the ground floors of the buildings. All entrance lobbies are designed in nice green colors according to a special project. 

It should be noted that Setl City commissioned the buildings a month and a half earlier than stated in the project declaration.

The courtyard of the buildings has been comprehensively landscaped; trees and bushes have been planted, a playground for children and a sports ground have been arranged, and as early as in the spring of 2015 there will be an apple orchard here. 

A distinguishing feature of buildings Nos. 1 and 4 is an original design of the façades: the blind areas of the white walls have been painted according to a special project, Life behind the Windows of a House. In each of such “windows” a special story of its own is unfolded, with its unique individuality attributes: colored curtains, bright pot flowers or even wooden sun shutters. Thus a variety of images rich in details have been created on the firewalls of the houses, so that the residents of the estate could scrutinize them and constantly discover them from a new perspective. 

Besides, the construction of two kindergartens, for 100 and 140 kids, in buildings Nos. 3 and 7, continues, their commissioning to take place in quarter 3 of 2015. In addition to them, kindergartens for 100 kids each are provided for in buildings Nos. 9а, 10 and 11 (all of them to be commissioned in quarter 3 of 2016).

It is to be recalled that the GREENLandiya residential area will occupy an area of about 70 ha, where 850,000 sq. m of housing and commercial spaces, 11 kindergartens, 2 schools and 2 sports facilities will be built.

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