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The Most Affordable Apartments in St. Petersburg New Houses are Offered in Krasnogvardeysky, Vyborgsky and Nevsky Districts

2015 february 25

The biggest volume of supply of the most inexpensive square meters is offered in the districts where big sites of the mass-market segment are built. According to the Petersburg Real Estate Consulting Center, the lowest average prices in lived-in areas are from 84,400 roubles per sq. m.

According to the data of the Petersburg Real Estate Consulting Center as of February 2015, the average price of housing offered in the mass-market class in lived-in areas of St. Petersburg was 105,000 roubles per sq. m. In January of the current year the average price in this segment grew by another 2%.

Today the range of average prices in the lived-in areas of the city is from 84,400 roubles per sq. m. This is the average price in Krasnogvardeysky District, where much real estate under construction in the lower price segment is offered at the moment. The average prices in such districts as Vyborgsky, Nevsky and Kalininsky are within the range of 84,400-97,000 roubles per sq. m, too. 

The lowest average price in the so-called administratively subordinated districts of St. Petersburg – Kolpinsky, Petrodvortsovy, Kronstadtsky and other districts – is 72,800 roubles per sq. m.

“If we consider the lived-in areas of the city, the most affordable are still apartments in big municipal projects that entered the market in 2014,” Olga Trosheva, Manager of the Petersburg Real Estate Consulting Center, says. “Last year, 3 million sq. m of housing were offered to the market of lived-in areas. Thus, today you can buy a studio apartment in Krasnoselsky district (in Setl City’s Solnechny Gorod (Sun City) project near Peterhoff Highway) at a price from 1.79 million roubles. An apartment in Nevsky District (in the Prinevsky project of the CDS Group of Companies on Oktyabrskaya Embankment) can be bought at a price from 1.9 million roubles. 

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