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Two New Municipal Kindergartens Are Opened in the GreenLandya-1 Residential Estate

2018 december 24

In the GreenLandiya-1 residential estate built by Setl City (a company of Setl Group) not far from the Devyatkino metro station, the ceremony of opening two municipal kindergartens of the Murinsky Education Center # 2 took place. The integrated kindergartens are located in the houses at: 11, k.2, Petrovsky Boulevard and 10, Vorontsovsky Boulevard. They were designed and built by Setl City under the Social Facilities in Exchange for Taxes program, and then handed over to the municipality. The kindergartens will admit 240 kids all in all. The preschool institution in Petrovsky Boulevard will have 7 groups 20 children in each. The developer has provided the fine finishing of all the rooms and has fully equipped the bedrooms, a kitchen, a gym and a medical office, and purchased a piano and an audio system for the music room. The locker rooms have been provided with lockers for clothes, drying cabinets and mirrors. The area in front of the kindergarten has been landscaped, 7 playgrounds with canopies having been arranged, and cotoneaster planted. The kindergarten is fenced, and video surveillance systems have been installed with the transmission of all signals to a single security desk. The kindergarten in Vorontsovsky Boulevard has been also fully equipped. It is designed for 5 groups 20 kids in each. The building has a dining room, a medical room, a sports room and a music room. In front of the kindergarten, there are decorated children's playgrounds. A fence has been installed and video surveillance systems have been mounted. Besides these preschool institutions, there are two more municipal kindergartens for 240 kids all in all in the GreenLandya-1 residential estate. They are located in houses at 13, Mendeleyeva Boulevard and 6, Vorontsovsky Boulevard. Setl City designed, built and equipped them. Besides, in the integrated premises of the residential building at 7, Shuvalova Street, there is a private center for child development "New History of Greenland", for 100 children. Setl City has also built and equipped a secondary school "Murinsky Education Center # 2" in Mendeleyeva Boulevard. It was opened on September 1 of this year, and 1,175 children of different ages study at the school. These are 47 classes, 21 of them are elementary school. The new building has an assembly hall for an audience of 705, a library with a media center and a reading room divided into individual and group work areas and a lecture hall. The school houses woodworking and metalworking shops, and a cooking and housekeeping room. The sports unit includes a large and a small gymnasium, as well as a gym for limited-mobility groups of students. There are psychological relief lounges and playrooms for children’ recreation. Petersburg Real Estate is the exclusive broker of the GreenLandiya-1,2 project.

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